Carlos Githens

Innovative, Transformative, Breaking conventional norms: Asking the “what ifs” to achieve “what could be.”
  • Katy, FL
  • November 26, 2018

Impressive track record of connecting with C-Suite clients, analyzing diverse businesses,

identifying untapped opportunities, and delivering innovative solutions that drive millions in

revenue. Extraordinary talent for delivering quality products, introducing operational efficiencies,

building brand prestige, and capitalizing on business opportunities that support unprecedented

growth. Adaptable and resilient, with extensive success in talent leadership, training, and

mentoring. Exceptional multilingual communicator & negotiator; fluent in English, and Spanish, Moderate Portuguese.


Core Strengths

• Sales & Marketing

• Best-in-Class Client Service

• Business Upstarts & Turnarounds

• Latin America Partnerships

• Adapting to Industry Trends

• Business Planning & Structuring

• Top-Tier Talent Development

• Market & Competitor Research

• Innovative Leader

• Market Penetration & Growth

• Best Practices

• Team Building, Mentoring & Leadership

• Business Technology and Alignment

• Diversity Management

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Bachelors in Global Management @ University of Phoenix
Sep 2012 — Mar 2017
Bachelors in Business Administration @ University of Phoenix
Sep 2012 — Mar 2017


Timeshare Sales and Team Lead @ Central Florida Investments Westgate Resorts
Mar 2018 — Current
Present and persuaded potential owners in a 90 minute presentation to purchase timeshare ownership.

Team lead and entrusted new sales techniques and tactics to share with the team.

Develop new ways to train complex a complex sales process to team.

Create sophisticated presentations in order to present different properties and programs.

Raise sales rate of team with new initiatives and training by 35%.

Maintained top 5% of new owner satisfaction rate. Top 5% of explanation of
programs and rules (rated by closers). Top 5% in sales for the entire property.

Top 10% in innovation (sales process)

Recognized for going above and beyond, and won several awards of
excellence and sales.
Mentor @ Apple
Mar 2014 — Apr 2017
Part of the mentor department that helped acclimate new hires to their roles within
AppleCare. Worked on several projects as a whole within the Mentoring team ensuring a better experience for mentors and mentees. Educated new and existing employees on company’s policy, procedures, solutions for technical issues, and worked on programs to improve training.
Identified opportunities to improve training process, using employee
evaluations, manager’s and trainer’s feedback, to formulate a new way to
mentor employees.

Built and contributed to departments website, to promote ideas, create policies and collaboration between teammates to improve results.

Challenged the status quo by pioneering a new approach to mentoring.

ACEA Winner (An Employee • of the Year award).
District Manager @ Computer Experts
Jul 2012 — Mar 2014
Provide expert business development and strategy consultation for business, consumer, and nonprofit customers. Spearhead initiatives that enhance digital systems, and tech support solutions made for everyday people.

Raised revenue from consumer and business solutions combined 130% in
two years. Accomplished by implementing service contracts, developing sales tactics and goals, and provide new solutions to sell to new and existing

Bridged the gap between technology and business operations by creating a
strong, confident, and focused team, eliminating silos, and establishing the IT infrastructure-planning-support and process.

Streamlined and standardized procedures.

Managed 6 direct reports
Project Manager & Quality Control @ Tapia Homes
Jul 2006 — Dec 2012
Over 5 years of experience with working in a well developed team to ensure
the high quality standards required for luxury home construction.. Won
Employee of the Year and introduced modernization of techniques and
software throughout the company.
• Inspected homes to ensure high level of quality is maintained
throughout the construction process.
Updated computer software, and implemented project management
and estimation software.
• Scheduled out subcontractors according to the construction
District Manager @ Viva Wireless
Sep 2005 — Aug 2006
Produce high-impact strategies to successfully launch 13 stores in the Orlando market. Define long-term purpose, vision, and goals to engage/energize the unlimited revolution. Lead and motivate over 13 direct reports, 8 functional reports, and over 130 employees to peak performance levels while expertly managing all aspects of the Viva Wireless business.

Hire, build, and coach winning management/commercial teams. Promote internal and external awareness of the unlimited revolution and procured contracts to purchase accessories directly from Chinese manufacturers.

Serve on the parent company’s, senior national leadership team, and was hired to establish a company to be sold to another distributor between 12-18 months.

District Manager of the Year

Established eleven million dollars plus stores in less than one year. While
expanding operations into cellular repairs and business services.

Negotiated contracts with accessory vendors and brought down average
accessory cost 30-50% using economies of scale and going directly to the

Spearheaded “Viva Drive,” a sales technique program. Vendors learned about products, business solutions and how to raise attach rate with sales.

Sales increased by 35% after entire sales team was trained to a higher standard.

Managed 13 direct reports

Expanded offerings by teaming up with business solution providers to
aggressively expand into the business market.
Development Manager @ Concelular
May 2002 — Aug 2005
Provided strategic business leadership to evangelize and promote Concelular image, reputation, and brand in the highly competitive Latin American market. Envision, design, and execute brand-building, profit-growing initiatives while overseeing cellphone distribution, CRM, merchandising, and staff training operations. Developed guidelines for product launches, promotions, and events.

Hire, build, and coach, winning management/commercial teams throughout
Colombia in order to promote services offered by America Movil’s subsidy Claro.

Developed guidelines for product launches, promotions, and events. Recipient of multiple awards for excellence.

Played integral role in positioning Concelular as the #1 master distributor in
Colombia, in both sales and market share with an average sales growth of 15% year over year.

Increased revenue 45% and operating profit 60% over 3 years by
implementing tailor-made marketing and sales strategies developed on an
individual store needs and market.

Supporting and strengthening the Concelular brand and image.

Launched Latin American Sales channel in
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela.

Challenged the status quo by pioneering a new approach to in-store events.
Created invitation-only events to attract large business sales and more sub
distributors. Business events included specially trained staff for business
solutions that were able to show a wide variety of products and services.

Sub distributor events included staff from all aspects of the company that were there to help a smaller distributor to start their business.

Overhauled store layouts and introduced new location dependent designs to
capitalize on the best possible locations within points of sale.

Supervised all phases of design and implementation process to remain attentive to, and attractive for, consumer appeal.

Enhanced collaboration, interoperability, and sustainability across the business by creating, front running solutions that promoted transparency and innovation.

Managed 15 direct reports

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